Hanukka 2012

to 8th from 10th of December 2012 or 25 Kislev to 3 Tevet 5773

We are celebrating Hanukka!!!!

this thursday 13th AT 7:00 pm ,we´re gonna celebrate and ligthing our 6th light in the Hanukkia at the pair ¨San Miguel¨ on Rafael E. Melgar between Juarez,

we hope you can enjoy with us and share the infinite light of your soul!!

Baruj atá Ado-nai Elo-heinu melej haolam asher Kideshanu beMitzvótav vetzivanu lehadlik ner Janucá

A Surprising Find

A Surprising Find: A Note Fell From The Mezuzah!

The following story took place in Cozumel, Mexico.

During their weekly visits to homes of members of the community, the volunteers of Chabad of Cozumel; Shmulick Kalachy, Moshe Gross and Dudi Caplin, were in the middle of visiting with some local residents when suddenly the phone rang.

On the other end was an elderly Jewish woman from Holland, who was living on the island for over 15 years. It became clear to them that they must visit her home.

As they approached her home, they knocked on the door, and the woman answered. As she invited them in, one of the guys innocently put his hand over the mezuzah it immediately fell.

The Chabad volunteers opened her mezuzah and were shocked to see what was inside. A small parchment of paper that had been cut from an envelope bearing the handwritten words in Hebrew read; “G-d will keep this house, Amen!” The Chabad volunteers were shocked, and immediately brought the woman a kosher mezuzah and affixed it on the doorway of her home for her.

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